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Hi, I'm Lisa,  a Canadian born abstract artist living and creating in Lugano, Switzerland.


My work is heavily influenced by the picturesque and diverse landscapes of Lugano, as well as those of Corfu, Greece, where I lived for many years. 


My paintings are a unique form of self-expression, allowing me to speak my own language through my art. With my brush as my guide, I explore my emotions and pour my heart and soul into each creation.


My art is an extension of my life, and I am always in search of new ways to express myself. I am captivated by the power of colour and its ability to evoke emotion and tell a story. I don't conform to any particular style or allow myself to be put in a box. I prefer to follow my instincts and let my intuition guide me. For me, art is the centre of my life and the driving force behind everything I do.

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